Spiritual Health is the key to long life

What is your formula for Spiritual Health? 

The Mind, Body, and Soul is an ancient trilogy that is the key to longevity and success. Many times, the Mind and Body are being well developed and nurtured. However, our spiritual health and wellbeing are often neglected. 

Chief Alájé and 256 Healing Arts offer a plan that allows your spiritual needs to be addressed through Prayer, Spiritual Development, and Spiritual Counsel. It's called The Spiritual Health Plan, or S.H.P.

The S.H.P. is comprised of several services that will enhance your spiritual enlightenment and fortification. These plans are available for people no matter where you live in the world.  Whether you live in New York and are too busy to come to the temple, or you live in France and cannot spend the airfare. All prayer sessions can be held live via Skype or can be video recorded and sent to your email for you to watch at your convenience. 


Ifa Dida and E̩bo̩

Perhaps one of the most vital of all the spiritual services and the most mystical is Ifa Dida, a spiritual consultation session with The Ifa* Oracle name Òrúnmìlà*. 

This spiritual session has 2 parts:

  1. The first part is a spiritual consultation, regarding the most pertinent information necessary for one to achieve spiritual balance and harmony, providing an optimal opportunity for success. 

  2. The second part is a prayer session.  Utilizing all the information revealed by Òrúnmìlà in the spiritual consultation, Chief Alájé will perform an Ebo, calling upon the spiritual power of Òrúnmìlà, to dissolve the negative aspects revealed in the consultation and praying for the positive aspects to be fortified and dominant in one's life. These prayers are accompanied with offerings that have been specifically prescribed by Òrúnmìlà to bring atonement and balance in the universe attracting all blessings to manifest.

Additional Services Offered:


Spiritual Advisement , Spiritual Detoxing, Spiritual Cleansing, Ifa Readings, Ebo, Ancestral Appeasements, Ifa Appeasements

Orisa Appeasements, Ori Appeasements, Rogation, Initiation, Ilekes, Hand of Ifa


Naming ceremony, Esen Taiye, Birth Readings, Spiritual consultations, Placenta medicine and tincture


Masquerade, Stilt Dancing, Ancestral Readings, Spiritual consultations, Ebos, Ancestral Appeasements, Funerals


Ifa Philosophy 101, Orisa 101, Orisa Drum Class, Orisa Dance Class, Bata, Bembe, Quiro, Arara, Vodoun, Orisa Song Class,Orisa Altar and Throne Building, Orisa Ileke Beading, Orisa Food Cooking, Egungun Food Cooking