Chief Awósanmí Ọ̀untógùn Sékou Alájé

Chief Alájé is the Senior Priest of 256 Healing Arts and The Ogundáse Ifa Temple. His approach and methodology is based on spiritual training he has under gone throughout the world, including Africa, Asia, South America, and The Caribbean. His diverse experiences give him a well-rounded and holistic approach to spiritual health. 

Chief Alájé comes from a long line of Sages and Mystics of the mystery systems called Ifa* and Òrìṣà* of Yoruba Land and Cuba. Chief Alájé is an initiated priest in several systems, holding the title Babaláwo*, Olo Oṣun*, and Ọmọ Ana*. Both a Musician as well as an Educator, Chief Alájé has taught and mentored people of all ages and backgrounds over the past 20 years. 

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Chief Alájé and Adia Tamar Whitaker Teach Afro-Haitian Dance, Drum, Song, and Neo-Folklore of the African Diaspora in Red Hook, a Brooklyn Community.


- Asase Yaa Cultural Arts

- Osunfikayo

- Ogbe Sooto Temple

- Benefao Bonsufi

- The Fadara Group

- Yeye's Botanica

- The Golden Feather Gallery


Chief Awósanmí Ò   ṣ   untógùn Sékou Alájé and his Oluwo Agbongbon Fakayode Faniyi

Chief Awósanmí Òuntógùn Sékou Alájé and his Oluwo Agbongbon Fakayode Faniyi

I am Grateful to be chosen to represent Ifa in this photo of Religious Leaders of New York.

I am grateful to be chosen to represent Ifa in this photo of Religious Leaders of New York.



"Ábọrú Àbọyè Àbọṣíṣẹ*. I give thanks to Olódùmarè *, the Almighty Creator, for allowing me to wake well today. I am a Babaláwo* and Onisango*. Ifa explains everything. Geography, psychology, sociology...everything. Ifa*, the codified will of Olódùmarè*, spoken through Òrúnmìlà*, continue to help direct me on the path of my destiny. Ifa* has saved my life. Literally. Ifa* has given me new appreciation of family, of life, of love, and of the potential that we possess in us. The Òrìṣà*, the primordial forces of nature, continue to assist me in achieving my destiny and life's purpose. I continue to be blessed with all of the good things in life, and I take pleasure in watching this tradition fix my life, my family's life, and the lives of the community."

- Dr. Falolou Sangosegun Sonyika

Atlanta, Ga 

"It's hard to put into words how much Ifa* and Òrìṣà* worship has meant to my life. I've been a practitioner for almost 20 years, and in that time, I've received invaluable benefits to my personal life, my family, and my career path. In the past year, I've established a formal relationship with Chief Sékou Alájé as my Olùwo* (personal Ifa diviner). When I came to Chief Alájé, I was unemployed and at a low point in my life journey. Shortly after beginning spiritual work with him, I was offered a great job which has been extremely fulfilling. But not only that, Chief Alájé has helped me to deepen my practice in profound ways. He has taught me that Òrìṣà* worship is not just a religion but a total philosophy and way of life. He teaches in a way that is easy to understand and he knows and respects all branches of Yoruba* tradition. This has been extremely important to me as my practice of Òrìṣà* worship has been primarily through the Lukumi (Afro-Cuban) tradition. I cannot recommend him highly enough!"

- Dr. Steven Allwood, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

"Everything has changed for the better since 2011. After meeting Baba* Sékou Alájé, I found something that was already deep within and he has been a great help in bringing that to the forefront of my life. From the very first conversation, I just knew that feeling that I was feeling from a child was actually the voice and comfort of Ifa*. I will be honest, I didnt know right away how strong it was. But, I knew it was always there. I'm still learning and I'm content with my pace, because that is what Ifa* says it should be. With the help of a great man and spiritual advisor, I have faith from within that the path I am on is a great one. Not controlled and not judged. The love and understanding makes me feel free to know that what I truly desire out of life is only in asking Ifa*, and the blueprint is there. Thank you, Baba*. In how many ways I can say thank you? You will always be blessed because of how you give without condition. May Ifa* bless you and your family in abundance."

- Catherine Bradwell

Tampa, Florida


Ifa* has truly enhanced my life in more ways than I could ever imagine. I live in fullness now "knowing" that my daughter and I are under the blanket of Ifa's protection, provision and permission to live FREE! My path is clearer, my wisdom is deeper and my heart is purer and all because I'm living in truth. Thank you, Baba*, for being a radiant light and opening yourself up to show us how to set ourselves FREE and live in true abundance!

- Jarrel Hamilton 

New Orleans, La


"Words can only begin to explain the power and presence of Ifa* in my life. I've always been a spiritually engaged person, however since being introduced to Ifa*, I have found the foundation my spirit has been seeking. My family exposed me to many different sides of African culture and spirituality. However, coming under the guidance of Oloye* Alájé and my Ile Ogundase family has opened doors to my spiritual growth and development I've only dreamed were possible. The ability of Ifa* to give me the wisdom and guidance to successfully navigate through my life journey is unparalleled. These blessings have been extended not only to me, but also to my family. Mental health, financial stability, clarity of my destiny and life purpose are just a few milestones Ifa* has lead me to achieve. As African people in the Diaspora whose ancestors were forcibly removed from our culture and values, its been a miracle 500 years in the making to reconnect to the power and wisdom of African spirituality. My gratitude and appreciation flows abundantly and eternally!"

- Orishabukola Iminah Ahmad

Oakland, California