Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon

The Araba of Osogbo Land, Nigeria

Welcome our Araba to New York City! Come learn about Yoruba culture and practices!

Film Screening will be April 15th, 2018 at Asase Yaa Cultural Arts Foundation. Get your tickets by following the link!

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Osun Festival

Come out and celebrate another year of blessings in the name of Our Great Mother, Osun in New Orleans, LA.

April 19th-21st, 2018

We will process to the river and give offerings to Osun for continued blessings this year. This festival will also include an opportunity to see a performace by The Voices of Congo Square

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Love Life Festival

Love Life Festival is an event presented in partnership by 256 Healing Arts, Ile Ogundase, Ile Osunfikayo, Blessed Birth and Life Wellness Center. It was created to bring together a group of amazing local practitioners specializing in alternative and natural healing modalities under the theme of African spirituality. The goal of African spirituality is to create the balance between mind, body, and spirit. This festival brings to the community an opportunity to explore, learn and experience the connection between wellness and their spiritual practice.

Come and Celebrate Our Ancestors and African Spirituality!

256 Healing Arts Presents: The Araba of Osogbo Land

Chief Sékou Alájé & 256 Healing Arts Presents Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon the Araba Of Osogbo Land at Asase Yaa Cultural Center 4-2-17. Lecture Topic Ifa's Role In Nation Building. Photo by Ace Murray
See the full album on our photo gallery page.

See the full album on our photo gallery page.

Community starts with Unity

Wow this was today 2 years ago Our great Baba Agbongbon Fakayode Faniyi was with our Ifa Temple and this past weekend Baba Araba Ifayemi Elebuibon was with our temple as well. May our Osogbo elders continue to bless, teach, and uplift us. May they live long and our connection remain unbroken.

Come out and Enjoy an intimate afternoon of lecture and conversation with the Araba Of Osogbo, Nigeria. Ifayemi Elebuibon, world renowned Ifa Priest and Leader of All Ifa Priests in Osogbo Land in Nigeria. His topic of discussion will be "The Role of Ifa in Nation Building."


Happy Birthday to My Iya Chief Osundara Oyawale Okun Sewa. May all the Irunmole continue to bless you abundantly. Chief Priestess Of Olokun For The World!

Unity of Osogbo

Another Powerful occasion at Ile Ijuba in Brooklyn, our good brother and friend Akintunde Sangosakin Ajala and Afolabi Ayinde Idowu Esuleke came to support. The unity of Osogbo is forever our blessing. We give thanks for all the family that came together in the name of Ifa and African Culture!

2017 Is Coming! Have You Started Preparing Spiritually For The New Year?

Let 256 Healing Arts Assist You.

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Chiefs of Osogbo Temple at Ogbe Sooto Temple


Today was a powerful Orisa Ceremony, Chief Neil Clarke's Iyesa Drum Ensemble played for Iya Penny's 50th year anniversary being initiated to Oshun. The oldest Oshun Priest in a New York City. Ore Yeye ooooo!!!

May the Legacy of Ifa Continue

Powerful Ile Ijuba (Ifa Worship Service) yesterday. Our Ifa Temple Ile Ogbe Sooto announced our 1st Fellowship Program, providing support and funding to our young Babalawo's and Iyanifa's training, providing financial support and community resources while going to school and studying Ifa. Here in this picture Fagbemi 15 years old will be our 1st Fellowship recipient. As an Ogbe Sooto Young Awo Fellowship recipient, he will be tested regularly by our board of Babalawo's and Iyanifa's and will be groomed and developed to become a Babalawo and Leader of our community. Good Luck and May Ifa Continue to Bless You!

November 9, 2015

Ifa Heritage

Rest in Peace Baba Alagbo Ifadare Oladosu Akanni.

Our Baba was over 100 years old .. May His Name Live Forever


Eku Ojo Ibi to my Father and Oluwo Baba Agbongbon Fakayode Faniyi. Thank You for all of your Mentorship, Teaching, and Dedication to me and my Family. You have been such a blessing to all of us in the Diaspora and have changed the history of Ifa and Orisa practice in the world. May you live long and may your legacy continue to grow and live through all of us.

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For some time flies, but with Ifa time soars.  Congratulations on taking your destiny into your own hands 3 years ago today, and embracing the great person you were born to be Omo Awo Sade OyaNiiyun Olatutu Adona. This memory is a wonderful reminder for me that the seed planted in fertile soil will always bear fruit. Iyanifa Sade Adona we are proud of you. May Ifa and Oya continue to bless you!