This week's Featured Photo Gallery with Chief AlajE:

Osun Festival August 6, 2017

Osun Festival New Orleans April 22, 2017.  An Annual Celebration with Drumming, Song, and Dance at the Golden Feather. Ore Yeye oooo!!! - Photography by Akintunde Sangosakin Ajala

The Brotherhood of Ifa, Anya/Aya,n and the Future of Our Ancient Traditions... our Youth from August 2, 2011

Time is flying my Brotha Baba Sola. Just feels like just yesterday you opened Yeye's Botanica. You make us all so proud and we are grateful you are leading the way. Forwards Ever!

256 Healing Arts Presents: The Araba of Osogbo Land

Chief Sékou Alájé & 256 Healing Arts Presents Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon the Araba Of Osogbo Land at Asase Yaa Cultural Center 4-2-17. Lecture Topic Ifa's Role In Nation Building. Photos by Ace Murray

Matanzas, Cuba 2017

Ifa Is One All Over the World! Chief Alaje Visiting the Ifa Temple Otura Odi, Led by Baba Ernesto the first Ifa House to Initiate a Woman to Ifa in Matanzas, Iyanifa are in Cuba! Ase o

Ifa Is One All Over the World! Chief Alaje with Young Babalawos in Matanzas, Cuba at initiation of Reynaldo Gonzalez .

Visiting My God Father Pello Tampanez Ogunbi in Matanzas, Cuba. 16 years ago he gave birth to this beautiful mission we are experiencing today. My God Mother Zulima also representing Mase, a very special shrine from the Arara People of Dahomey Land. I give thanks for there investment and teachings.


Isese Day Osogbo 2014

Isese Day is very special day when we celebrate all traditional spiritual practices in Yoruba Land


Osun Festival 2015 for Baba Sekou Alaje Ile Osunfikayo

New Orleans Black Indian Festival 2016 Super Sunday


A Wonderful Program by Baba Araba Ifayemi Elebuibon in Brooklyn, New York. Presented by Chief Sekou Alaje and 256 Healing Arts

June 19, 2016 photos by Kay Hickman


Chief Alaje Travels to Belize for Iyemoja Festival 2016

Oshun Festival August 6, 2016

  • Egbe Orun Festival NYC July 2016

  • 8th Annual Atlanta African Dance & Drum Festival July 2016

  • Oya Bembe July 2016