Ifa Worship Day Greetings!

Ifa teaches us that our culture, philosophy and spiritual practice is a sustainable way of life. It provides a guide line to live life in a fruitful and productive way. Plant the seed and harvest the fruit. Our children are the fertile soil. Plant the seed of Ifa in them today. Ifa Heepa oo !


Egbe Festival 2019

Come celebrate the children of our community and give offerings to Egbe Orun. Bring gifts to the children and offerings for Egbe and lets celebrate another year of community!


The Key to Life

The key to life is finding your soulmates. Not romantic soulmates but the id you knew in a past life and meet again in this one. So glad to meet you all again in this life. Looking forward to meet more family too! Ile Ogundase


256 Cultural Tours!


It’s time to go to Cuba! Spread the word and let’s connect with our African family in the Diaspora!

Eku Odun Chief Sekou Awosanmi Osuntoogun Alaje

On August 8th we celebrated our Oluwo Chief Sekou Awosanmi Alaje’s new year!

“Today I celebrate 19 years of being initiated to Oshun in Matanzas, Cuba by my Godfather Pello Tampanez Ogunbi. I just want to say thank you to Baba Ogunbi and Godfather in Ifa Chief Fakayode Faniyi for your constant teaching, mentoring and development. You have both changed my life and I am forever grateful. Thank you to all my mentors and teachers. Each of you have such a profound impact in my life.

I give thanks to my mother, my wife, my children and family as well. Congratulations to all my godchildren on coming together to make another powerful festival season. May this year be blessed for us all.

Ifa Festival 2019

Ifa Festival 2019 for our Ifa Temple Ile Ogundase and 256 Healing Arts was such a blessing this year. Thank you to all the people that came out to support, Thank you to all the Babalawo, Iyanifa, and Olorisa that came out. Thank you to performing artists Amma What, Oshun, Nakeeba Amaniyea. You all were amazing. To all the Ile Ogundase temple members for coming together and making this event so special. May Ifa bless us all with a wonderful year. Photos by Solwazi Afi Olusola.

Oshun Festival 2019

Oshun Festival 2019 for Ile Osunfikayo and 256 Healing Arts was such a blessing. Our mother has anointed us with another magical festivity. Thank you to all the elders, ale’s and to all the people that made the journey to the river. It was a wonderful blessing. May Osun open the way for another powerful year.

Ifa Festival 2019

Ifa Festival for our Ifa Temple Ile Ogundase and 256 Healing Arts was such a blessing this year. Thank you to all the people that came out to support. Thank you to all Babalawo, Iyanifa and Olorisa that came out. Thank you to performing artists, Amma What, Oshun NYC, Nakeeba Roots, you all were amazing. To all the Ile Ogundase temple members for coming together and making this event so special. May Ifa bless us all with a wonderful year.


Urban Bush Women SLI July 2019

We had an amazing time supporting our siSTARs at the Urban Bush Women SLI this week! We played and sang and danced for Oya, class taught by Kelly White.

Blessings on Blessings!

We are so proud of our sisters OSHUN NYC for the release of their single ‘Blessings on Blessings’ Check out the video and bump this all of July!

July is for Osun!

We have so many exciting events, workshops and festivals planned for the month of July! There is nothing like coming together to give praise to the Most High and our Great Mother for supporting us in this past year. Coming up we have our Oshun Workshop Series where we will discuss topics such as ‘Oshun the Healer’ ‘Oshun=Water’ and Oshun, The Giver of Life. We also have an amazing retreat where we will be communing with nature and giving thanks and praise to Oshun where she is found in nature, the river. Come out and allow the healing and refreshing waters of our Great Mother carry you into this next year! Ore Yeye ooo!

Egbe Festival 2019

Come out and celebrate the children of our community at our annual Egbe Festival!


Leadership comes from God - Kenyan Proverb

Congratulations to our dear brother Nana Kofi Osei Williams, he was promoted and installed to be the Chief Priest of his Master Teachers Nana Yaw Gyebi’s Temple in Nyamebekyere, Ghana. Congratulations! You deserve it. May all the work you do for our community bless you and your family for countless generations.

IMG_0241 2.jpg

Ghana Trip 2019

We have been very busy and full of new adventures this summer. Here is a re cap of what we have been up to.

Our Ghana trip was a blessed experience. We were not surprised when we found Ghana was just like Naija (Nigeria). As much as they try to separate us, we are one.

During our second day we traveled to ancient city of Larteh, well known for African Spirituality. We met the senior Asuo Shrine of the world with its owner Nana Yaw. We give thanks to all the African spiritual forms keeping us alive and well everyday.

Our third day we had the honor of communing in nature. We traveled through the sacred forest appeasing the deities and collecting herbs.

Lastly we had the opportunity to attend Chief Priest Nana Yaw Gyebi’s Asuo Gyebi Festival 2019!

Ghana was such an amazing blessed experience and we are grateful our ancestors and the divine forces continue to provide us opportunities to connect with our family all over the world. Check out the pictures below!

Odunde Festival 2019

256 Healing Arts and Ile Osunfikayo supporting the Calabash carrier at the Odunde Festival. It was a beautiful opportunity to celebrate and praise Osun with our Orisa family in Philadelphia. Thank you Ore Yeye oooo!

IMG_0236 2.jpg

Isese Festival 2019 Brooklyn, NY

Our Isese Festival was a blessed experience. May we continue to keep our African traditions and culture alive and may our ancestors continue to support us on our path!

Water Is Life

It’s the last day few days to register for the the Osun Festival Retreat. July 5th is the deadline. Go to the website and register today. Click the link below.

The first day (Oshun Festival) is free to the community, everyone is welcomed to come, sing, dance and praise Oshun along the Hudson River. Directly following the festival on the evening of July 28th, we will begin the Water Is Life Healing Retreat. Join us for this 2 day healing retreat geared towards learning and experiencing the healing power of Oshun.

Limited spaces available, reserve your spot today! Deposit of $200 required for the retreat or pay in full and receive the early bird discount.

If you have any questions please contact us at 256lifestyle@gmail.com.

Register for all of the activities via the link below:


It’s going to be an amazing time with Osun. Ore Yeye oooo.



Oshun Festival Workshop Series

IMG_1314 (2).PNG

July is dedicated to Oshun for 256 Healing Arts. Every year during this month we invest our time and energy at 256 into the study, workshop, and praise of the Orisha Oshun. Culminating in a Oshun Festival at the end of the month and then a trip to Osogbo Nigeria to participate in the Oshun Festival for the whole world, which takes place in the beginning of August. Come out and experience our workshops series about Oshun, sponsored in part by the Brooklyn Arts Council. Our great mother Oshun will bless us with another amazing year.

Isese Festival is celebration of African Spirituality and African Culture. Every years lovers of African culture come together from far and wide to walk through the streets to celebrate the blessings African Spirituality has given since the last year. Isese Festival also brings awareness to the community that African Spirituality and Culture is alive and well.

June 2, 2019 11am

2000 Fulton St.

Brooklyn, NY 11233