"The mouth through which the gun speaks, is the same mouth it uses to win."

- Ifa* Proverb 

Our words have power. The same mouth that can produce success can also produce destruction. Ifa teaches us that our words are something we should be very careful with. We should be thoughtful in all our actions and especially our words. Words come from thoughts and our thoughts come from our mentality and our mentality comes from our principles. So the way we speak is a reflection of so many things. If you want to change your life change the way you speak. Speak words of life not death, words of love not hate, words of progressing and not regression. Don't say no to things you dislike, say yes to things you enjoy instead.

This proverb uses the Gun as an example, although the mouth of the gun is going to always produce a bullet, what ever that bullet is used for will be determined by the mentality of the one holding the Gun. The bullet can be used to protect life or to destroy ones life. It's our choice.

So use your words to create the reality you desire to live in. Develop your mentality through developing your principals and your discipline to follow them. Ifa is a resource that gives clear guide lines on how to live life in order to have a healthy mentality that will give birth to a healthy way of living.

Affirmation of the Week: 

I Am Life, I Create Life,  I Live Life, Through The Words I Speak.

Questions of the Week:

Q: "Chief Alájé, what does the word Awo mean"

A: Awo is the word we use in Yoruba to describe someone that has initiated into the system of the mysteries. 

Video of the Week:



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