Ore Yeye ooo - Today I Celebrate 16 years of Oshun Guiding, Fortifying, and Blessing my life. I Gave thanks and Pay Homage to my God Father Baba Ogunbi Peyo Tampanez and God Mother Iya Ñasuleri Zulima Tampanez of Mantanzas, Cuba for initiating me on to a Path that I could have never imagined. I give thanks and pay homage to my Oluwo Agbongbon Fakayode Faniyi for all your teaching and mentorship on this journey of life. I give thanks for my Mother Oosafunminiyi Alaje, my Apetebi Osunsina Alaje, to my children, to my brother Reynaldo Gonzalez, my uncles and aunts, brothers and sister, my god children and everyone in my life that has played such an important part as my family. I am because of the We and give thanks for all thoughts that make up my We, that make up my Village. May Oshun bless us all this year in an abundant way so this time next yes we can continue to testify to her greatness!!!