Obatala Worship Day Greetings, Obatala teaches us the importance of being still and calm at all times. No matter how challenging the circumstances we face in life, Obatala says to be calm and still when approaching them. Through our calmness and peace we invite the spirit of Obatala to come in and control the situation. When we are hot tempered, aggressive, and unbalanced we are creating an environment that is not conducive for Obatala to come and exercise his power. So be calm and be still when facing all challenges, call upon Obatala's spirit to bring resolution and peace. He is the King and the King will never be denied. Obatala please bring peace, stability, and longevity to our life. Allow us to maintain an environment of stillness and calmness so that you can always do your work. Ase oo #obatala256 #256healingarts #chiefalaje #obatala