Obatala Worship Day Greetings, Obatala is the Orisa that molds us while we are in the womb, forming us to be our Greatest Self. The way that we have been formed is exactly the way Obatala intended us to be. So love the self that Obatala has molded and created, you are perfect in the way perfection has been designed to be. You have been given all the tools necessary to achieve your destiny. So continue to take this wonderful creation to the next level, pray to Obatala and ask him to continue to mold you as he did in the womb. Perfect your perfection and allow him to mold you everyday, be an even greater sculpture from the original mold. Allow him to do his work just as you allowed him in your mother's womb. Let go of the things that don't serve you and who you are destined to be, and be the greatest version of you that Obatala has created and is creating. I pray.. Obatala do your best work and mold us to be our greatest and unique self. Ase .. #obatala256 #256healingarts #chiefalaje #obatala