To receive what is due to us we must first open ourself to receive it. If we ask for something from the universe we can’t just sit back and wait for it to come. The next step after asking is opening yourself to receive it, the way you open yourself is to remove anything that you are holding on to that hasn’t brought you what you have asked for. You must first put down your load to pick up another. You must first pour out what’s in your cup before you can refill it. Take the time to pour out your cup today. Pour out all the things that are filling your cup that are not providing you what you want and need. Only when you are open can you receive. The hands you use to take your blessing are the same ones holding on to your pain, sadness, and trauma. Release it today, wrap your body in white cloth and release it today. May Obatala give you all you need and may we all be ready to receive it with Joy and Peace. #chiefalaje #obatala #256healingarts #lucumi #isese #santeria