Esu Worship Day Greetings. Esu is perhaps one of the most widely known Orisa in Africa and the world. He has traveled to many different lands  and taken on many different names. Although Europeans have tried to say he is the same as the devil, he is far from that. They tried to turn African people away from Esu because they learned that he is the most essential components to our success. Esu is the one that opens the road, he is the one that assists us when we come to every cross road in life, figurative and literally. Esu is the one hay delivers our prayers and offerings, he protects us from our enemies, and he is the one that will be with us through the hard times and the good times. On this day we salute you Esu, open the way for our greatest success possible, reveal the challenges and obstacles and in the same breath make us victorious over them. When we are weak make us strong, when we can't see how our goal is possible show us the way. All things are possible through you so make our dreams our reality. Ase oo