Obatala Worship Day Greetings, Obatala uses the Elephant as one of his icons for many reasons. The Elephant is mighty in size, strong in  spirit, and peaceful unless aggravated. The Elephant moves slowly at all times with regal authority in every step and when it's times to speaks its voice is heard all over the land. Obatala embodies all of these qualities and so should we as his children. Obatala personified as the Elephant reminds us that we are made in a perfect a complete form. The Elephant is great because it's not trying to be fast like the cheetah, tall like the Giraffe, or smooth like the Snake. The Elephant walks the land exactly the way it was made and as a result the Elephant always walks in its glory. Be your true you, be your best you, and you will always be mighty, royal, and successful. Be the creation Obatala molded you to be. Be yourself and grow to be an even greater. Ase ooo