Egungun Worship Day Greetings, Egungun are our Ancestors, those that are in our family that have paved the way for all that we are doing today. The cycle of life is something that we can not escape, just as we were born we will also die. However it's only our physical body that dies. Our actions, our deeds, our contributions will live on well after our physical body. So no matter how stressed life can be, whether it's our financial challenges, our relationship challenges, or our community challenges, always keep the big picture in mind. We where put on this earth to leave something great behind for the generations that follow us. Life is not just about getting money, having fun, and living care free. We work hard, we sacrifice, and we build for the generations that come behind us. So when life becomes stressful we must remind ourselves of what our purpose is, we must remind ourselves we sacrifice for our future generations, and that our efforts in this lifetime will be recognized until the end of time. Egungun please assist us in living life to the fullest, so we can leave something great behind that will improve and uplift our people forever. Ase ooo #egungun256 #256healingarts #chiefalaje #egungun #ancestors #biggiesmalls