Sango and Oya Worship Day 

We honor an amazing husband and wife partnership, Sango and Oya. They are a great reminder that when 2 powerful beings unite and work together amazing things will happen. Sango exists in nature in several ways and lightning is one of them. Oya exists in many ways, wind storms are one of them. So when you experience the lighting of Sango and the thunder and wind of Oya all at the same time you know the power house couple is out doing there work. They come to remove all things that are weak, all things that have been blocking the way, all things that are not able to "weather the storm", after the result is that only the strong, deserving, and true will be left standing. So when the storm comes use that time to call upon Sango and Oya to remove all negativity and clear out the way for your blessings to come to you. When the spiritual storms come your way, don't fight them, embrace them, allow things to be cleared out your life that don't serve you and allow the blessing of a new day to come after he storm has cleared. You deserve the blessings of a new day, take refuge when the storm comes and let Sango and Oya do their work. Sango and Oya, remove all things that are not apart of my destiny and allow the path to my greatness to be open and clear. Ase oo #sango256 #oya256 #256healingarts #chiefalaje #shango #oya