Obatala Worship Day Greetings, Obatala is represented by white, white cloth, white hair, white beads, as they say "all white everything". He prefers white because the color white allows for clarity, with white there are less distractions for the mind and all its senses. Obatala helps us to understand the power of distraction. When one is focused anything can happen and when one is distracted nothing will happen. On this Obatala day, make a promise to yourself to remove all distractions from your life, remove all mental and physical preoccupations, remove everything that's not in alignment with your purpose and your destiny. By following your purpose and destiny all the good things that are destined to reach you surely will. Obatala help us to purify our mind today, remove our distractions so we can experience the joys of living our destiny. Obatala heepa oo #obatala256 #256healingarts #256healingarts #chiefalaje #obatala