Egbe Orun Worship Day Greetings, Egbe Orun is an Orisa that exists in a special spiritual realm that is not considered the heavens and not earth. Egbe Orun has many attributes and one of them is to bring joy and happiness to those that show them love and appreciation. Egbe Orun reminds us that with out joy and happiness the experience of life will always be empty. No matter how much money one makes with out joy and happiness one can not enjoy it. What ever change we want to make in life the process must be full of joy. We can't preempt and delay our happiness waiting for some magical day that it will begin. Our joy and happiness must be an immediate need that we full fill everyday. Egbe please allow us to experience joy this week, surround us with loved ones and children that will allows us to enjoy our joy and happiness together. #egbe256 #256healingarts #chiefalaje #egbe