Oṣoosi Worship Day Greetings, the Oriṣa Oṣoosi is a hunter, a warrior, and a master strategist. Oṣoosi teaches us that the secret to ones success is determined by ones strategy. Each step one takes in life is essential to the master plan that's determined by ones destiny. Oṣoosi is a hunter he must plan every little step of his hunt, so that when his target is in site and pulls back his bow and arrow that one shot hits the mark. As one prays for success don't just pray to accomplish your goal, pray for each step to be successful, pray for all the resources necessary to be provided, and pray for arrow of action to always hit its target. If you focus on the end result you will miss the joy of the steps that happen along the way. Enjoy every step in life and your life will be a much fuller experience. Oṣoosi we pray that you allow our strategy and steps in life to facilitate a successful hunt. Let our arrow always hit the mark. Ase oo #osoosi256 #256healingarts #chiefalaje #oshosi