Olókun Worship Day Greetings, Olokun is a very powerful Orisa that's has many divine abilities and bring wealth is one of them. Olókun lives in the Ocean and just as the Ocean is vast and abundant so is she. The Ocean is abundant because it has the capacity to house the abundance it attracts. What ever you are seeking in life increase your capacity to house it and then attract it to yourself. The Ocean will forever be abundant because it can always house the abundance it attracts. So build your wealth by increasing the ways your wealth can come to you. Then determine how you will house your great wealth. Where will you keep it so you don't only spend it. What will you invest it in, how will you make it continue to grow, where will you keep it. Establish the house for your wealth and like the Ocean your wealth will come to live with you forever. Olókun on your powerful day, bless us with great wealth and a great place to keep it so that our wealth will always replenish its self. Ase oo #olokun256 #256healingarts #chiefalaje #olokun